What’s the Best Moss Pole for Monstera?

Monstera Deliciosa is one of the most popular indoor plants right now. But if you have a Monstera, you’ve probably noticed that it can be challenging to keep its stems upright. 

But, don’t worry! Moss poles are an inexpensive and easy way to provide your plant with the support they need. 

We’re going to take a look at seven of the best moss poles for Monstera plants so that you can find the perfect one for your home or office.

What Are Moss Poles?

Moss poles are a simple but effective tool for indoor gardening. They are a type of plant stake that is often used for climbing plants like Monstera.

Moss poles are what they sound like – poles covered with moss. The pole itself is commonly wood or PVC pipe. The moss covering is either dried sphagnum moss or coconut coir.

Moss poles stake directly into the pot and provide a vertical growing surface for your plant.

Do Monsteras Need a Moss Pole?

While Monsteras don’t technically “need” a moss pole to survive, a pole will help them thrive and be more attractive.

Monsteras grow on tree trunks for support in their natural habitat. They have aerial roots that cling to the tree trunks. A moss pole acts as a surrogate tree and provides the same type of vertical support for your indoor plants.

Training your plant on a moss pole can also help it develop the iconic leaf splits that many Monsteras are known for.

The Different Types of Moss Poles

Sphagnum Moss Pole

This is the traditional moss pole that you probably think of when you hear the term. It’s made of a core in the middle that is covered with dried sphagnum moss. The moss is held in place by twine, mesh, or some other kind of wrapper.

Sphagnum moss is a great support material because it is water retentive and resistant to rot. In addition, its loose texture makes it easy for plants to grab onto with their aerial roots.

Sphagnum moss is easier to keep moist. The additional water supply can help your plant grow more quickly and develop larger mature leaves,

Coco Coir Pole

Coco coir is a type of fiber that’s derived from the husks of coconuts. It has many of the same characteristics as dried sphagnum moss.

Coconut fiber is water retentive (though not as much as sphagnum moss) and durable.

Coco coir poles are more commonly available commercially than sphagnum moss poles.

A coco coir pole is just fine if you want a pole that primarily supplies support rather than nutrients.

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The 7 Best Moss Poles for Monstera Plants

DUSPRO 2 Pack 25 Inch Real Moss Pole for Monstera – TOP PICK

  • Unique bendable moss pole
  • Made of 100% forest moss
  • 1-inch diameter


  • Since this is made of real sphagnum moss, it has excellent water retention
  • Aerial roots will take hold easily
  • Natural moss is a pleasing green color that blends with plants
  • The package includes extra moss
  • Comes with twine for training your plant


  • It could be a little messy
  • Only one size pole is available

BESMYJ Moss Pole – 26.4 Inch Moss Pole for Plants

  • 2 individual 15.7-inch sticks
  • Extendable design
  • Made of Coconut fiber


  • Moss poles can be used separately or stacked to create one longer pole
  • Good support for taller, fuller plants
  • Easy to put together
  • The wooden dowel in the center has a pointed end which makes it easy to insert into the soil


  • Included plant ties are a shiny green color
  • Coco coir dries out more quickly than sphagnum moss

Totem Monkey Moss Pole – 26.4 Inch Coir Totem Plant Support

  • 2 individual 15.7-inch sticks
  • Extendable design
  • Made of coco coir


  • Moss poles can be used separately or stacked to create one longer pole
  • Includes 20 natural-colored paper-covered plant ties
  • Easy to install
  • Sturdy


  • The center pole is white PVC and is visible from the top
  • Coco coir doesn’t hold much moisture for the aerial roots

SUNSET LEAVES Moss Pole Made with Paper Pipe 27.5 Inch

  • Made with paper pipe
  • The wooden stake is 5.5 inches long
  • Made of coconut coir


  • Paper pipe center reduces the unnecessary use of plastics
  • At 5.5 inches, the wooden stake is longer than most other commercial moss polls
  • Includes velcro plant tape. This is a soft plant tie that won’t scratch your plant


  • More expensive than other coco coir poles of comparable size

Grow Organiks 12 inch Coco Coir Pole

  • Single 12-inch pole
  • Made of coconut coir
  • Mesh net around the coir


  • Less expensive than 2-pole sets, which is perfect if you only need a smaller pole
  • Most coir poles are loosely wrapped with twine. The mesh net around the pole should make it last longer.


  • While technically it’s extendable, you might be better off buying a set if you plan to stack more than one pole.

BABYPOEM 2 Packs 40 Inches | Coir Totem Pole

  • Each pole is 40 inches long, with a 5.5-inch stake
  • Includes a soil aeration tool
  • Made of coconut coir


  • Taller than most other 1-piece totems. No need to stack multiple poles.
  • Good choice if your plant is already very tall


  • More expensive than some other coir poles.

HYYZ Moss Pole, Coir Moss Totem Pole Stick for Plant

  • Made of plastic
  • Hollowed-out design
  • Fiberglass rod to insert into soil


  • You can fill the pole with your own material – sphagnum moss, potting soil, etc.
  • This is a good option if you want to DIY your moss pole, but you don’t want to start entirely from scratch
  • The package includes two stackable poles


  • The plastic may be visible unless your plant has lush foliage.

5 Benefits of Using a Moss Pole

  1. A moss pole mimics the plant’s natural growing environment by providing an easy surface for the plant to attach to.
  2. Moss poles allow for aerial root attachment. This helps to strengthen the plant and gives it a more attractive shape.
  3. They can help to keep the plant moist. Sphagnum moss, in particular, absorbs water and can be another source of water when your plant is attached to the pole.
  4. They give your indoor plants a more pleasing shape. For example, Monsteras can become droopy or unruly without support. A pole allows you to guide the plant and give it a more attractive form while also supporting its weight.
  5. Contact with the moss pole can encourage your Monstera to develop larger leaves.

5 Things To Look For When Buying a Moss Pole

Price – How much are you willing to spend on your moss pole? Many moss poles come in sets of two or more, so buying one with multiple poles could be best if you have a large plant.

Type of Material – Do you want sphagnum moss or coco coir? This is really a personal preference. Both types of material work well for Monsteras.

Size – Moss poles are available in a variety of lengths. To provide your plant plenty of climbing room, make sure the moss pole is longer than its tallest vine.

Is it extendible? Many moss poles are stackable, allowing you to add another pole on top of the first as your plant grows. If you think you will want to extend your pole, plan for that in advance. It’s difficult to move a plant to an entirely different pole once the aerial roots have attached.

How thick and sturdy is the pole? Some moss poles are very skinny and may not work well with larger plants. If you have a Monstera Deliciosa with large leaves, you’ll likely want a thicker pole to support it. On the other hand, if you have a Mini Monstera, then a skinny pole may be all you need.

Final Thoughts

Moss poles are a great way to provide support for your Monstera to grow upright.

There are so many varieties of moss poles available for purchase, it can be overwhelming to decide which is the right one for your Monstera.

In this post, I’ve shared seven of the best moss poles for Monstera. Hopefully, you’ll find the exact right one to suit your needs.

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